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Speed development and accuracy skills

One of the most essentials skills to have been discontinued from teaching during your schooling age is typing. Although people tend to underestimate the value of typing faster and accurately, it is one of the most fundamental skill required in any field you wish to pursue. Be it in writing Emails, writing a blog post, or writing copy, typing is one of the most important skills. As a blogger, typing faster and better will save you a tremendous amount of time spent proofreading your article for typo mistakes and crafting the article itself. While the average typing speed is around 38-40 Words Per Minute, the world-record for the fastest typing speed is of Stella Pajunas, who struck a whopping 216 WPM on an IBM Electric Typewriter! Typing accurately is also just as important as typing faster is. There is a speed-accuracy tradeoff that has to be considered when you begin practicing typing faster. Faster is not always better if your accuracy is getting compromised in the process. Aiming for a faster and accurate typing speed is essential. Finishing that assignment, blog article or just an Email quickly and saving yourselves some amount of time in the process is a great way to make room for other tasks. Having written over 10 million words in all forms off written words, I can justify how valuable improving your typing speed and accuracy is. With the majority of the audience here at ShoudMeLoud being bloggers or wannabe bloggers, it is the time that you work on your typing speed, while not compromising on the accuracy part of it.

Preliminary Instruction

  • Remove any material that can disturb you in the course of your typing from your desk
  • Insert a typing sheet with a backer into your typewriter
  • Place your textbook at the right side of the typewriter
  • Sit correctly
  • Keep your eyes on the practical textbook
  • Strike the typewriter keys and the space bar evenly
  • Always remember to cover your typewriter after use

How to type faster & get things done fast

Now that you’re convinced about the importance of typing faster and accurately, let’s move on to the how’s of it. Here are six ways to significantly improve your typing speed and accuracy.

The first step to improving your typing speed and accuracy is to reconsider the way you approach typing. The moment you sit down to get some typing done is what decides everything that follows next. During our Ergonomics and human factors class, we’ve been walked through all the fundamentals of proper posture, backed by numbers, to avoid Cumulative Trauma Disorders (CTD). To begin with, proper posture is the first step in preparing yourself for success. Without working on a proper positioning and typing habit, one cannot achieve high typing speeds while maintaining acceptable accuracy levels.

Quick Operation of the Tabulator Key

When the tabulator key is operated, the carriage moves quickly to any predetermined position. The tabulator key can be set by hand at required positions on the rack.

When the tabulator bar is depressed, the carriage moves to the position for which the stop is set. In order to set the tabulator at 15, the space bar should be tapped five time from the left margin when this is 10, and a stop set at this point. If the tabular stop is is set wrongly or is no longer required, the setting can be cleared by using the clearing key or level provided.

Line Space Regulator

This is the level that regulates the spacing required between the line. The level may be set for single, double or treble line spacing . Half spacing can be set on modern machines. The required spacing should be set before you begin to work.

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