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Temptations in Nigeria today and ways of overcoming them.

There are so many temptations in Nigeria today. As children in Nigeria, we are tempted to:

  1. Disobey or insult or abuse our parents, teachers, e.t.c.
  2. Tell lies or to steal.
  3. Quarrel with our friends and fight one another.
  4. Be dishonest, selfish, wicked and cruel to those we love and to those around us.
  5. The desire to be rich over night without work.
  6. Disobeying traffic rules to get our destination faster
  7. The desire to pass examinations without studying.
  8. Greed for political power at all cost.
  9. Uncontrolled sexual desire.
  10. Play truant or refuse to do our homework.

Ways of overcoming them.

  1. Seeking the help of Jesus.
  2. Avoiding bad friends.
  3. Joining Christian youth associations
  4. Working hard at school.
  5. Patience and hard work.
  6. Avoiding the desire to rule at all cost.
  7. Setting realist goals for oneself
  8. Avoiding the desire to rule at all costs.

Moral Lessons:

  1. Jesus temptations teach us to expect temptations any time and learn how to overcome them.
  2. As Nigerians, we should learn to say: No, as Jesus did, to all those who try to tempt us to do evil.


  1. Define temptation.
  2. Mention five temptations in Nigeria today.
  3. Stat six ways of overcoming temptations in Nigeria of today.
  4. List two moral lessons we learn from the temptations of Jesus.

Objective questions

  1. In order to overcome temptation we are advised to (a) be close to our friends (b) be prayerful (c)embrace it (d)go to church (e) ignore it
  2. When we yield to temptation, we (a) die(b)encourage others (c) pleases God (d)prosper (e)sin
  3. As a Christian, if your friend offended you and slapped you again because you complained about his behaviour towards you. What would you do? (a)ask God to punish him back (b)call your elder brother to slap him back (c)disengage yourself from the friendship (d)forget him and make another friend (e)forgive him and pray for him.
  4. One of the ways to overcoming temptation is to (a)avoid bad company (b)remain indoor (c) live in isolation (d) pray and fast only (e)ignore your parents’ counsel
  5. As a Christian prefect, your class was punished by the school principal for noise making, and you knew too well the noise makers. What would have been your reaction? (a)allow them all to serve the punishment (b)not to say anything since you are among (c)laugh at them (d) Tell him to release some of your friend (e)tell the principal to release the innocent ones

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