Leadership Studies Notes

The Cost of Academic Success

The cost of a thing is the price (to be) paid for that thing or the effort needed to obtain that thing. Right from birth there is the inclination to succeed in the heart of every one. Numerous and tireless efforts are being made towards achieving the goal. Many students think that academic success comes through wishful thinking but having failed once, become frustrated and give up. Some still seek for academic success in a negative way by getting themselves involved in examination malpractices. The antidote to this weakness is to be strong and courageous depending wholly on God day and night. Some youths cannot say what they want to become. However some others desire but do not determine to succeed.

Determination is tenacity of purpose. You need to take decision so that you can rise and move on to success. Thomas Edison is an example of one who determined not to be limited by failure. He was sent out of school at the age of seven because his teacher thought he was too dull to learn anything. Still he rose to become a great scientist. Abraham Lincoln, we were told, failed many times before he was eventually elected as the President of the United States of America. With discipline and determination you too can succeed.


  (i)       Mention four obstacles against academic success.

 (ii)      What is the best way to success (Joshua 1:8; Proverbs 18:9; 20:13; 17:11; 14:23)?

Weekend Assignment

  • Who is your role model? Give reasons.
  • Why did Joshua and Caleb stand out among the children of Israel? How can one stand out among colleagues today? (Numbers 13 & 14).

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