Home Economics Notes

The Home

Meaning and characteristics of a home, Differences between a home and a house.

A home is a house where the family lives and share life experiences.

A home

Characteristics of a home

  1. It is well secured.
  2. It is well located.
  3. It has basic convenience like toilets, bathrooms, kitchen, and recreational facilities.
  4. It is well-ventilated.
  5. It should provide comfort and relaxation for the family members.
  6. It is inviting.
  7. It has functional areas like sitting, dining room, bedrooms etc.

A house is just a building. It includes different types of shelter in which people can live. A house that offers opportunities to meet the needs of a family becomes a home.

Difference between a home and a house

  1. People always live in a home. People may not live in a house.
  2. A home serves only as a dwelling place. A house can be used for other purposes.
  3. A home has functional areas. A house may not have functional areas e.g. ware houses.
  4. A home provides comfort and relaxation. A house may not provide comfort and relaxation depending on use.
  5.  A home should well-ventilated. Ventilation may not be considered in the structure.


  1. Differentiate between a home and a house.
  2. Mention 5 characteristics of a home.

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