Civic Education Notes

The Roles of Individuals and Government in Maintaining Traffic Regulations


  1. Obeying traffic rules and regulations.
  2. Considering other road users and put their safety in mind.
  3. Obey road signs.
  4. Obey traffic authorities and agencies.
  5. People should not destroy roads  orroad signs in periods of violence.
  6. Traders should avoid selling along roads and expressways.
  7. Individuals can also help in controlling traffic especially during periods of traffic congestion.


As part of government efforts to ensure effective implementation of traffic regulations in Nigeria, some agencies have been established both at the federal and state levels to ensure traffic regulations in Nigerian roads.  Some of these agencies are Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC), Vehicle Inspection Office (VIO), the Transport Department of the Nigerian Police,  Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps, Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA), etc.

The Federal Road Safety Commission ensures that the highways are free of obstruction and they educate the public on the proper use of roads.  They also determine and enforce speed limits and provide prompt attention to road accident victims.

The VIO inspects vehicles to ensure that they are road worthy.

The police and traffic wardens help to control traffic on roads in order to reduce congestion.  The police also enforce traffic regulations.

LASTMA manages traffic in Lagos State.

Other roles of government include:

1.         Construction of roads with relevant road signs.

2.         Ensure traffic lights are erected at strategic locations.

3.         Funding of traffic agencies for optimum performance.

4.         Punishment of traffic offenders.

5.         Enactment of laws to cater for emerging traffic challenges.

6.         Enlightenment campaign on traffic regulations and signs.


1.         What are the roles of individuals in maintaining traffic?

2.         Explain some of the roles of government agencies in traffic regulations.


1.         Define employment

2.         What are the causes of unemployment?

3.         How can unemployment problem be reduced in Nigeria?

4.         What is HIV/AIDS?

5.         Differentiate between HIV type I and II.


The Role of Individuals and Government in maintaining Traffic Regulations: Fundamentals of Civic Education for Senior Secondary Book 2, Sola Akinyemi, Pages 89-102.



Instruction: From the options lettered A-D, choose the letter that is most appropriate for the following questions. Answer all the questions.

  1. One of these agencies maintains traffic in Lagos State. A. NURTW   B. MOT   C. NAFDA    D. LASTMA
  2. All are duties of the police except A. controlling traffic B. enforcing laws on traffic C. collecting money from motorists          D. arresting traffic offenders
  3. All are ways of reducing road accidents except A. Fastening seat belts B. respect for road signs C. obeying speed limits D. drinking while driving.
  4. One way of improving obedience to traffic rules is A. Educating the people on traffic issuesB. Leaving the roads un-tarred C. building airports D. Providing more buses
  5. Which of the following agencies is responsible for issuance of drivers’ licence in Nigeria? A. VIO B. FRSC C. NURTW D. Police.


  1. List any three areas you think the government needs to do more in maintaining traffic regulations.
  2. Draw any four road signs and write their meaning.

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