Exam Lessons Food and Nutrition

Types Of Party and food to serve

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Types of party include; house warming, naming, birthday, wedding etc. also there are special foods peculiar to special occasions such as cocktails, buffet, luncheon etc.

  • Wedding ceremony: careful planning is needed to avoid wastage of time energy and food. The dishes served should be different foods like jollof rice, fried rice, chicken stew, beef stew, moin moin, salad, cake, roasted chicken, Cole’s law etc.
  • Awojoh (burial ceremony): it is usually observed in the remembrance of the dead. The most important food items are: black- eyed peas, meat, chicken, palm oil, beans soup, moin moin, akara, plantain and potatoes (fried in palm oil) chicken stew, fufu and bitter leaf, palaver sauce, agidi, rice, fruits etc.

Careful planning is required in order to make the party successful, the dishes served takes a longer time to prepare than most of other party dishes and a larger number of people are usually catered for.

  • Luncheon and dinner party: it may be formal or informal. They may take the form of a situation either to sit down or to stand. They are usually held to commemorate specific events. E.g. the visit of a president from one country to the order or achievement of a special goal etc. when such a special party is held in the evening it is called dinner while it is referred to as luncheon if it is held in the afternoon. Menu may consist of some or all of the following on the form of the party.

Appetizer: fruit cup, juice, grape fruit, shrimps, sardine, and salted nuts.

Soup: thin soup, vegetable soup, pepper soup etc.

Fish: fried fish, steamed fish, fish stew, poultry etc.

Cereal: rice, corn, millet, etc.

Pulses: beans, lentil, peas, vegetables etc.

  • Cock tail parties: usually finger foods are served on such occasions. They include pastries of different types, cookies, fried meat, stick meat, snails, roasted or fried chicken and assorted non– alcoholic and alcoholic drink.

EVALUATION: distinguish between formal and informal service.

ASSIGNMENT: write out 10 acceptable table manners.