Food and Nutrition Notes

The Art Of Entertainment in food and nutrition

Food plays an important role in our day to day life. This implies that the service of food has always been associated with intimate human relationship. For a celebration, there must be a host/ hostess and guests. The guests are the people who come to share joy or happiness on a particular occasion while the host/ hostess are the people who are around to receive the guests; thus the success of any occasion depends on the joint efforts of the host and the guest.

 In organizing a celebration, planning is very essential. Planning involves;

  1. Types of foods to be served.
  2. The number of guests to be invited.
  3. The type of party.
  4. Nature of reception/ venue.
  5. The age of the invitees.
  6.  The security measure available.
  7. The nature of the invitation.
  8. Facilities available.

The invitation card is then sent out to the guest while the host stays around to welcome and receive the guests. It is important to give a positive or negative response to the invitation so as to enhance proper planning.

Points to consider when sending an invitation

  1. The invitation should be in keeping to the nature of events.
  2. The invitation should reach the invitees 2 weeks before the ceremony.
  3. The invitation should be designed to attract one`s attraction.
  4. Dress code should be indicated (optional)

Qualities of a good guest

  1. He/ she should be prompt.
  2. Should respond positively or negatively to the occasion.
  3. Should apologize to the host for being late.
  4. Should not distract other guests.
  5.  Should observe the directive of the waiter/ waitress.
  6. Should exhibit good table manners.
  7. The sitting arrangement and other outlays of the occasion should be respected.

Table setting

          Table setting is a simple layout of the table for eating, in such a manner that all the eating materials are provided in their correct places.

Points to consider in table setting

  1. Cleanliness of the cutlery, crockery, glassware and the surrounding.
  2. The number of courses or dishes to be served.
  3.  The number of individuals taking the meal.
  4. The type of party.

Requirements for table setting

  1. Table cover (for beatification of the table).
  2. Table mat (acts as an insulator for protection of heat from the table).
  3. Cutlery set.
  4. Tumbler/ drinking glasses.
  5. Serviette/ napkin (for wiping the mouth).
  6. Flower vase (for decoration).
  7. Cruet set (for salt and pepper).

Types of table setting

          There are 2 types of table setting: formal and informal table setting.

Formal table setting is a continental style of serving food. It is used during formal dinner and luncheon. It is also mainly used by hotels and restaurants. In this style, all the foods are served from the kitchen and require the services of waiter/ waitress.

Informal table setting is observed in most homes and offices, no protocol is observed before eating.

EVALUATION: – highlight the plans that must be in place when organizing a celebration.

  • State 5 qualities of a good guest.

ASSIGNMENT: in a tabular form, make a write up of the different foods that are served for different occasions in your localities.

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