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Value can be define as the degree of quality or worth of a thing. It can also be defined as the lay down rules or standard that guides our interaction with people.value influences our character and attitude towards other people. Values can be defined as conceptions or standards by which things are compared and approved or disapproved, desired or undesired. Values may also refer to interest, pleasure, likes preferences, duties moral obligations, wants, needs, aversions and attractions. Values can be defined as the worth, merit or esteem which a person, individuals or group of people in the society or community have for an objects or an idea. For example when someone says ‘I value my life’ or ‘I value my certificate’, it means that such person cherishes or loves his life or certificate. Values therefore holds attraction for us and we cherish to possess them. What has value is actually valuable or good, as opposed to what is regarded as good or valuable. The values are things that have value, things that are good, things that are right, obligatory, beautiful or even true, or even moral values.

In other words value can also be described as the measure of those qualities that determine merit, desirability, usefulness and importance. These involve levels of superiority that are usually high.

Importance of Values to the Society

Values provide an avenue for criteria in Judgement

Values provide means through which culture are learnt and transmitted from generation to generation

Through values, order is maintained and responsibilities are carried out

Through values unity and cooperation are enhanced in the society

Values foster growth and development in the society.

Levels of Manifestation of Values

There are six levels

Spiritual Values – These have to do with importance attached to things and relating to someone’s mind and their deepest thoughts, feelings, beliefs as regards religious affinity.

Family Life Values – These relate to what the member of a given family attaches importance to

Societal Values – These refer to important places, people and the way they live together. They also refer to activities in whic one enjoys the company of other people.

Economic Values – These involve importance attached to trade, industry or commerce, what to engage in and the motives behind it. either to make profit or otherwise

Political Values – These refer to the importance attaced to power, relationship and government of a country. i.e. political beliefs

Personal Values – These refer to what an individual holds in esteem i.e. privacy, interacting with others.

Factors that Promote Good Value System

Consistency – For a particular value to be upheld, there is the need for quality behaviour in the same way or having the same opinions or standard. You can not allow one thing today when you are feeling fine and tomorrow forbids it because you are tired

Trust – This has to do with having belief or confidence in the honesty, goodness, skill or safety of a person, organisation or thing. In te same vein, if a group of people believe in a particular thing and have confidence in each other there is every tendency for them to achieve a desirable goal as a result of element of trust among them.

Tolerance – This arises when an individual or group of individuals develop te ability to bear something unpleasant or annoying or continue existing despite disadvantageous condition. There is therefore need for willingness to accept behaviour and beliefs whic are different from one’s own.

Fairness – There is a need to treat people in the society equally in a way that is right or reasonable in order to promote good value system

Integrity – For a particular value system to be held, members of the society must exhibit the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles that they will refuse to change

Commitment – This has to do with being loyal and promise to support or behave in a particular way.

Political value

Family values


———— can be defined as the worth of a thing

  1. moral
  2. value
  3. behaviour
  4. character

The ability to be truthful and straight forward is

  1. co-operation
  2. integrity
  3. contentment
  4. honesty

———– can influence our value and character towards other people

  1. behavior
  2. value
  3. money
  4. houses

The means of being happy with and satisfied with what one has is

  1. justice
  2. fairness
  3. contentment
  4. none of the above

All of these are types of value except

  1. fairness
  2. envy
  3. justice
  4. sincerity

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