English JSSCE Notes

VOWELS( Diphthongs)

VOWELS( Diphthongs)

Diphthongs are vowel sounds that are pronounced as a result of movement of tongue from one vowel to the other. These are the sounds:

/ei/ as in  gate, cake, take, place, date, gauge etc.

/əʊ/ as in  home, go, owl, own, etc

/ai/ as in buy, five, rice, write, kite, fry, price etc.

/aʊ/ as in how, cloud, out, house, blouse, browse etc.

/Ͻi/ as in  boy, joy, toy, oil, toil coin, boil etc .

/ea/ as  in  here, ear, idea, fear, beer ,rear etc.

/ iə  / as in  air, their, where, hair, fair etc

/ʊə/ as in during, pure etc

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