Leadership Studies

You and the Law

Law is a system of rules, which citizens of a country or place must obey. It is based on the constitution of a state and spells out what people should do and what they should not do. Obedience to the law ensures peace and social coexistence among people of different races, customs and tongues. It also guarantees civil privileges to law abiding citizens. The law is important to the society because God is involved in civil leadership and usually influences the selection of those in authority. Therefore being loyal to parents and constituted authority is the will of God (1Peter 2:13; Romans13:1). Christian youth should be models of patriotism and good citizenship. To be patriotic means that an individual loves his country and is practically committed to promoting peace, harmony and justice. He does not involve himself in riots and destruction of public property; he will not vandalize public infrastructure or waste social amenities like pipe-borne water, oil pipes or electronic installations. He is not the type that will destroy school property, jump the fence and steal library books.


  • Mention three consequences of disobeying the law.
  • Identify three reasons why God supports the law of the land.

Weekend Assignment

            Name seven security agents in Nigeria that you know and state their functions.

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