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Achievements and Failures of: Babangida, Abacha, Abdusalami’s administration

Achievement Of The Babangida Administration


  1. Upon assumption of office, the regime abrogated the unpopular decree No 2 and then reorganize the Nigerian security organization.
  2. The structural Adjustment programme (SAP) was introduced to restructure the economy.
  3. There was commercialization and privatization of many parastatals in order to enhance their efficiency and productivity.
  4. The regime established the peoples Bank and community Bank to help the poor in both urban and rural areas.
  5. The programme “Better Life for Rural women” was established to improve the lot of women.


  1. The regime was characterized by a high level of indiscipline and corruption.
  2. During this regime, incidents of hard drugs pushing by Nigerians became rampant.
  3. Most of the bodies established and generously funded by the Babangida regime later became avenues for the self-environment of a few e.g DFRRI, MAMSER and peoples’ bank.
  4. There was little respect for popular opinion. The regime took IMF loan and swallowed $12.8 billion United States dollars realized during Gulf war between USA and Iraq.
  5. The regime annulled the June 12th 1993 presidential election believed to have been won by late business Mogul Bashorun MKO Abiola.


General Sanni Abacha came to power on 17th November 1993 having forced Chief Ernest Shonekan to resign as the head of the Interim National Government. General Abacha was the secretary of Defence in the same administration. The provisional ruling council (P R C) was the highest organ of government and it comprised of the head of state as chairman and the chief of General statff (Lt- General Oladipo Diya) as vice chairman and the service chiefs.


  1. The administration brought relative peace, law and order.
  2. There was stability in the exchange rate of the naira.
  3. Abacha regime created six states namely Ekiti, Ebonyi, Zamfara, Nasarawa, Kebbi and Bayelsa in 1996.
  4. It created the federal character commission to address the imbalance in federal appointment
  5. The National reconciliation committee headed by chief alex Akinyele was created to attempt to resolve various conflicts in the country.


  1. Abacha’s regime became dictatorial, thereby paying very little attention to the constitution.
  2. The economy became paralyzed with shortages of essential goods and commodities.
  3. There were bomb blasts in several parts of the country
  4. Members of National Democratic Coalition (NADECO) that were pro-democracy activities fled into exile.
  5. Abacha and his associates reportedly looted the national treasury and slashed huge loot abroad.


General Abdusalam Abubakar became the head of state and commander in chief of the armed forces, following the death of General Sanni Abacha on 8th June 1998. He initiated a ten-month transition programme that would return the nation to civil rule on 29th of may 1999


  1. General Abubakar successfully conducted the transition to civil rule, and handed over power to a popularly elected government.
  2. The government set up a review panel for the 1995 constitution
  3. The electoral commission (INEC) offered provisional registration to nine political parties, out of which three of them, namely AD, APP and PDP were registered.
  4. The regime returned full democracy to the country.
  5. The government released political detainees incarcerated by Abacha administration.


  1. The constitution was hastily produced
  2. The government could not alleviate the economic difficulties facing the nation, for example, shortage of fuel and depreciation of the Naira
  3. The foreign policy lacked vibrancy
  4. The government could not eliminate corruption among officials of the government.
  5. It failed to release chief MKO Abiola from detention.


  1. Account for the achievement of Babangida administration
  2. How do we prevent military intervention in politics
  3. General Sanni abacha is the worst military Nigeria ever had, discuss this statement in line with the failures of his regime.

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