Application of Genetics in Agriculture and Medicine

Application of Genetics in Agriculture

  1. It improves crop yield.
  2. It improves the quality of product of plant and animal.
  • It leads to development of early maturing varieties of plant and animals
  1. It leads to development of disease resistant varieties of plant and animal.
  2. It leads to production of crops and animal that can adapt to climatic condition.

           Application of Genetics in in field of Medicine

It help in determination of the paternity of a child.

The knowledge helps in blood transfusion who to donate and who should receive.

It enlightens the marriage partner about genotype through marriage counseling

  1. The method is used in diagnosis of diseases
  2. The knowledge is used in crime detection
  • The method is development of test tube baby
  1. The knowledge can be used to choose the sex of a baby
  2. It can be used to know the sex of a baby.
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