Arithmetic Mean (A.M)

The arithmetic mean, also popularly referred to as the ‘mean’ is the average of a series of figures or values.

It is obtained by dividing the sum of the figures by the total number of the figures or values.

Formula for calculating Arithmetic Mean

Arithmetic mean (Ẍ) = ∑X/n

Where X = arithmetic mean

∑ = ‘sigma’ which means ’sum of’

X = series of figures in a given data

∑x = the total of the values of series of figures in a given data

N = number of figures or elements


Arithemetic mean
Arithemetic mean2

Mean Deviation:


  1. Arithmetic mean is very easy to calculate
  2. It gives an exact value
  3. It is the best known average
  4. It is very easy to understand
  5. It provides a good market of comparing values
  6. It makes use of all available information


  1. Arithmetic mean cannot be obtained graphically
  2. Certain facts in arithmetic mean may not be revealed
  3. It may be difficult to obtain without calculation
  4. It can lead to distorted result


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