Asexual Reproduction

Reproduction is the ability of living organisms to produce new individual of their type or new offspring. Reproduction is necessary for increase in number and perpetuation of life. Reproduction is divided into two types

1.ASEXUAL REPRODUTION: is a type of reproduction which only one part is involved to produce offspring by itself without formation and fussion of granuder offsprings which are identical (clones) to the parent cells are always produced

Types of Asexual Reproductioni.Binary Fission: this is the simplest form of asexual reproduction during which a parent organisms, divided into two parts or more than two equal parts. The mucus first divides into two parts. The nucleus part divides into two parts. Then follows the division of the cytoplasm. After the completion of the division of the cytoplasm, two daughter cell are formed. Example can be seen in Amoeba, Paramecium or Euglena

What is binary fission and multiple fission in asexual reproduction.

ii.Budding: the new offspring formed developed as a protusion or outgrowth of the parent. This outgrowth is referred to a BUD. The bud may form on an internal or external buds break off from the independent life. Examples are yeast, hydra, coral and polyps.

What is budding in asexual reproduction?

iii.Spore Formation: certain plants such as fungi reproduce asexually by spores which are small unicellular bodies. They are light and can be easily be dispersed by air. Each spore can develop to an independent organisms. This independent organism develops a hypha which grows from the substrate to the air. These are termed aerial hyphae or sporangiophores. The tip of these aeria hyphae become swollen to form sporangia which houses the spores.

iv. Fragmentation: an organism may break into two or more pieces and each piece can then develop into a new individual organism. Examples are spirogyra, sponges and coelenterates.

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