Movement and Cyclosis

Movement is the ability of living organisms to move from one place to another.

Reasons for Movement

  1. To search for food

ii          To escape from danger

iii.        To respond to stimulus either positively or negatively

  1. For the sake of reproduction


The cytoplasm as a whole of normally in motion. Irregular streaming often occurs but at other times, the contents of the cell are subjected contents of the cell are subjected to cynical currents moving constantly in one direction. This is known as cyclosis. The cellular organelles are swept along passively by these streams or current.

OrganismsOrganelles for movementMechanism of movement
AmoebaPseudopodiaCytoplasmic streaming (cyclosis)
ParameciumCiliaBeating the cilia against water
EuglenaFlagellumLashing movement of flagellum
HydraTentaclesSwimming, swaying, hoping and Somersaulting
Toads and frogLimbsHopping



1a.       What is meant by term tropism?

  1. How do plants response to the external stimulus of light
  2. explain what is meant nastic response

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