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Boxing is also called the manly art of self defence. It is a sport in which two competitors or contestants try to hit each other with their glove encased fist while trying to avoid each other’s blows.

The competition is divided into a specified number of rounds usually three (3) minutes long with one minute rest period between rounds, although amateur boxing is widespread.

History of Boxing

Boxing is as old as man. It began when a person first lifted a fist against another in play. Fist fighting was first played in the Olympic Games in about 688 B.C.

Early boxers fought with leather bands around their fist for protection and sometimes wore metal filled leather hand covering called Cesti.

Boxing became a workman sports as prize fight attracted participants and spectators from the working class.

Modern boxing started in 1866 when Marques of Queen Berry gave new set of rules of three (3) minutes rounds with one (1) minute rest in-between.

Skills and Techniques in Boxing

(i) The stance

(ii) Foot work

(iii) Guarding

(iv) Uppercut

(v) Undercut

(vi) Straight knuckle

(vii) Dodging

(viii) Blocking

(ix) Jabbing

(x) Ducking

Rules and Regulations of Boxing

(i) No boxer is allowed to be with dangerous objects.

(ii) There should be no hitting below the belt.

(iii) There should be no slapping with the palm.

(iv) Dragging or pushing of an opponent is not allowed.

(v) Kicking in boxing is not allowed.

(vi) The referee command should be strictly obeyed.

(vii) Each boxer must greet the trainer of his opponent after the bout.

(viii) A boxer shall only be allowed to engaged an opponent within the same weight category.

(ix) The head butt is not allowed in boxing.

(x) Every amateur boxer should wear a head protector.


  1. Give a brief history of boxing.
  2. Mention five skills in boxing.
  3. State five rules and regulations of boxing

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