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Building Up Your Vocabulary

The number of words an individual acquires in a particular language is  referred to as vocabulary. Your ability to express yourself effectively in a given language depends on a number of words you acquire in that language John 7:46; Acts 7:22). It is important that you read good books, magazines, newspapers, listen to good speakers and news broadcast. Through these, you get exposed to new words. When you see or hear new words you do not understand, you should first guess its meaning. Put your new words to work by using them several times. Avoid polluted literature.  The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge (Proverbs 1:7). Get used to the words of God and you are equipped with the sword of the Spirit. Moses was well versed in Hebrew and Egyptian languages and he used them to do exploit for God.


  • Give four reasons for students’ poor performance in English language.
  • What could you proffer as the remedy?

Weekend Assignment.

  1. Discuss how you can develop your vocabulary.
  2. List out all the new words you have learnt this week and write out their meanings.