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Call to service

Service is doing some work which one is called upon to perform or one volunteers to do. In service, one is expected to do the work with all his or her heart, mind and strength. When this happens, one is said to have rendered faithful, loyal and accountable service.

Examples of People who Served in the Bible:

(i) Joseph is Sold to Egypt (Gen. 37:12-36)

Joseph served his father faithfully. At the age of seventeen, he was shepherding the flock with his brothers. On one occasion, his father sent him to go and give food to his brothers on the field. On getting there, he couldn’t find them at Shechem where they were, he went further to Dothan where he found them. His brothers caught him and sold him to some Ishmaelite traders for twenty shekels of silver. The traders took Joseph to Egypt where they sold him as a slave.

(ii) Joseph Serves in Egypt (Gen. 41: 37-57)

He was diligent in Potiphar’s house as a slave even though his master was an Egyptian. When he was in the prison also, all other prisoners were kept in his care. ( Gen 39:22). When he left the Prison and he was given appointment in Pharaoh’s cabinet because he interpreted the king’s dream, Joseph still distinguished himself with the way he carefully gathered, stored and preserved enough grain in the years of abundance and its distribution and sales in the years of famine.

In Summary, Joseph served his father, brothers, Potiphar, co-prisoners, Pharaoh and the entire people of Egypt.

(iii) Ruth Serves her Mother-in-law (Ruth 1: 7-18)

Ruth got married to one of Elimelech’s sons: Mahlon who died just after the marriage. When Ruth lost her husband, Naomi her mother-in-law advised her go back to her parents but she refused, she preferred to be with her mother-in-law. She served her mother-in-law whole heartedly and made her not to feel lonely with the death of her husband and her two sons: Mahlon and Chilion. As a result of this, God blessed Ruth with another husband Boaz who took care of her and she was blessed with a son Obed, the father of Jesse, the father of David the great king (Ruth 4:17-22).


  1. What is the meaning of service?
  2. Name three examples of people who served in the Bible.

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