Christian Religious Studies JSSCE

Lessons from the Services of Joseph and Ruth

  1. The lives of Ruth and Joseph show us that God rewards hard work and commitment.
  2. There are blessings in rendering faithful and loyal service to God , our country and fellow human beings. God blessed Ruth with a good husband and Joseph became a minister in a foreign land.
  3. Christians are blessed with eternal life for faithfulness to God.
  4. National award.

Life in God’s Service (1 Peter 2:18-25)

God is King and we are his servants. Those who are above us in authority are standing in place of God. Therefore we should serve them faithfully with respect and in humility. We may suffer in the course of our service to God. But we should bear our suffering patiently. This is because Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour also suffered in his service to God but bore it patiently.

Christians in the service of God should follow the good example of Jesus; render faithful and loyal service to God and endure the suffering that we might encounter.

Ways in Which Christians are Called to the Service of God

(i) Dreams and visions

(ii) Misfortune

(iii) Profession

(iv) Godly parents and teachers

(v) Prophets

(vi) Pastors

(vii) Studying of the Bible

(viii) Prayers

(ix) Revelations

Problems of Service

There are a lot of problems associated with our attempt to render faithful, loyal and accountable service to God. Some of them are:

(i) Seduction

(ii) Bribery and corruption

(iii) Threat

(iv) Criticism


  1. State three (3) lessons from the services of Joseph and Ruth.
  2. In what ways are Christians called to the service of God?
  3. Enumerate four (4) problems Christians face in service to God

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