Basic Science Notes

Characteristics of living things

Content:  1.Characteristics of Living Things

                2.  Differences between plants and animals.

Sub-Topic 1:  Characteristics of Living Things

Living things can move.

Living things can reproduce.

Living things can feed.

Living things can excrete.

Living things can respire.

Living things can grow.

Living things can be sensitive to stimulus.

Living things can adapt to their environment

Sub-Topic 2: Differences between Plants and Animals

Characteristics                     Animals         Plants
[i] Movement   [ii] Colour     [iii]Shape     [iv] Feeding     [v] Irritability     [vi]Sense organ   [vii] ExcretionAnimals move freely from one place to another Animal have different colours     Animals have definite shape.     They feed on already prepared food     Animals respond to stimuli very quickly.   Animal have sense organs e. g eye, Nose etc.   Animals have well developed excretory organs for removing metabolic waste.Do not move freely.   Most animals are green due to chlorophyll   Plants do not have definite shape.   They produce their own food through photosynthesis.   Plants respond to stimuli very slowly.   Plants do not have sense organ.     They do not have excretory organs.

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