Biology Notes

Mode Of Nutrition And Plant Nutrition: Autotrophic, Heterotrophic, Photosynthesis, Chemosynthesis, etc.

CONTENT Autotrophic nutrition Heterotrophic nutrition Modes of Autotrophic Nutrition (Photosynthesis and Chemosynthesis) Photosynthesis                                Mechanisms of photosynthesis Importance of photosynthesis Experiments […]

Answer for Excretion in plants

Excretion in plants is the process of removing waste substances or metabolic by-products that are no longer needed for the […]


CCUS & carbon removal solutions

Certainly! Here are some specific CCUS (Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage) and carbon removal solution ideas: These are just a […]

Answer for I need science department ss2 question

Certainly! Here are some science questions for the SS2 level in the science department. These questions cover various topics in […]

Answer for Marine habitat characteristics

The continental shelf refers to the shallow, submerged extension of a continent that extends from the shoreline to the point […]

Answer for Internal structure of flowering plants

Flowering plants, also known as angiosperms, have a complex internal structure that allows them to perform essential functions like photosynthesis, […]

Agricultural Science JSSCE Notes

Siting Of Farm And Layout Of Farm Structures

CONTENT Factors guiding siting of farm structures Factors guiding layout of farm structures and building Importance of siting farm structures […]

Basic Science Notes

Adaptation in Animal and Plant

Adaptations are special features that allow a plant or animal to live in a particular place or habitat.  The ability […]

Basic Science Notes

Activities of living things

Movement  Types of movement [i]Active movement: This occurs when a living thing moves by its own energy [ii] Passive movement: […]

Basic Science Notes

Characteristics of living things

Content:  1.Characteristics of Living Things                 2.  Differences between plants and animals. Sub-Topic 1:  Characteristics of Living Things Living things […]