Civic Education

Citizenship education

Citizenship education is a field of study that expose students to the right values, positive attitudes, behaviours and democratic awareness that will enable them contribute meaningfully to the economic and social political development of the Nigeria federation and the world at large.


  1. It encourages Nationalism, patriotism in students and hence national unity
  2. It teaches duties and rights and what to do it one’s right are abused
  3. It broaden students knowledge on government activities (actions and in-actions)
  4. It identifies the numerous problems of the society and how to practically solve them
  5. It teaches scholars to the good and law abiding followers and to posses responsible leadership qualities.


Duties are constitutional responsibilities that active citizen carry out in exchange for the rights, freedoms and privileges they enjoy.

The duties of the citizens include:

  • Obedient to traffic laws and regulations
  • Declaration of one’s income to the lawful agencies and prompt payment of taxes
  • Protecting the good name of Nigeria and rendering national services

Obligations are moral considerations on the part of the citizens to perform civic activities for the effective functioning of the country and the benefits of all

Unlike duties obligation are not imposed by laws rather they perform according to the dictates of their conscience.

Some obligation of active citizens include:

  1. Helping in exposing crimes and criminal tendencies
  2. Participation in communal activities and other activities like helping accident victims etc
  3. Caring for public utilities: to ensure maximum and effective usage of such facilities
  4. Donating to the course of less privileged and challenged in the society.

Consequences of non – performance of duties and obligations

  1. Slow progress
  2. Loss of lives
  3. Chaos and fighting
  4. Inability to achieve societal goals.


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