Agricultural Science JSSCE Notes

Classification Of Crops Based On Their Uses.

  1. CEREALS: They belong to grass family.They are grown for their seed. Examlpes are maize, sorghum, millet, rice and wheat.
  2. LEGUMES(PULSES): They are eaten as good source of plant  protein. Examples are; soya bean, cowpea and groundnut.
  3. SUGAR CROPS: they are grown for sugar, eg sugarcane.
  4. BEVERAGES AND STIMULANTS: They are used for making non-alcoholic drinks.E.gcocoa, tea, coffee,  kolanut and tobacco.
  5. ROOT AND TUBERS: They store food in underground parts and eaten by man. E.g cassava, sweet potato, yams and cocoyams.
  6. FRUITS: They are eaten fresh or canned. E.g. orange, mango, banana and pineapple.
  7. OIL CROPS: The oils and fats in them are used for cooking, e.g. groundnut, soyabean, sunflower, coconut, cottonseed, sheabutter etc.
  8. VEGETABLES: Their leaves or fruits are eaten fresh or boiled. E.gokro, water leaf, amaranthus, bitter leaf, cabbage, onion etc.
  9. SPICES: They are added to food to make it taste or smell better. E.g ginger, pepper, garlic, lemon grass, locust bean etc.
  10. FIBRE CROPS: They are grown for their seeds, stem and leaves. The fibre are used for making cloths, sacks, carpets and ropes. E.g cotton, jute, kenaf and sisal.
  11. LATEX AND GUM CROPS: They produce liquids from which gum or rubber are made. Eg rubber.
  12. ORNAMENTAL CROPS: They are grown for decoration of our enviroments. Examples are; roses, pride of Barbados, marigold etc.
  13. DRUGS: Products extracted from these crops are used to make  medicinese.g  kola, opium, lemon grass, neem plant etc.
  14. FORAGE CROPS: They are grown for feeding animals.e.g elephant grass, gambagrasse.t.c.


  1. What are annual crops?
  2. What are biennial and perennial crops?
  3. List five examples of forage crops.
  4. List three examples of fibre crops
  5. What are ornamental crops?


Prescribed Agricultural Science for Junior Secondary Schools, Book 1, Unit five, Page 39.


  1. Which of these crops is an oil crop? A.cowpea  B. groundnut  C.maize D.rice
  2. ___ is a beverage crop A. cassava  B. banana  D. yam
  3. ___ is a fibre crop  A. rubber  Bcotton  C. cabbage  D. rice
  4. ___ is a legume crop. A.groundnut  C. colanut  D.yam
  5. ___ is a latex crop A.yam  B.rubber  C.kenaf  D. cocoa


  1. List seven crops and their uses.
    1. Mention two vegetable crops.


  1. What do you understand by the lifecycle of a plant?
  2. Define Annual crops.
  3. Mention three Annual crops.
  4. What are Biennial crops?
  5. List three examples of Biennial crops.


Junior Secondary Agriculture for Nigerian schools by A. Youdeowei, S.O. Adesiyan, J.N. Obazi, T. Olowu (BK 1).Chapter 5, pages 42 – 43


1.          Crops that complete their lifecycle within two years are known as ___________

            (a)        Biennial (b) Annual  (c) Perennial.

2.         Crops that complete their lifecycle within one year are called ____________

            (a)        Annuals  (b) Perennial  (c) Biennial

3.         Crops that complete their life cycle in more than two years are called _________

            (a)        Perennials  (b) Biennials  (c)  Annuals

4.         Which of these crops is an annual crop?

            (a)        Cassava  (b)  Rubber   (c)  Maize

5.         Which of these crop is not an annual crop? (a) cotton  (b)  cowpea  (c) cocoa


  1. What are annual crops?

Mention three examples of annual crop.

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