Agricultural Science JSSCE Notes

Classification Of Crops

Crops can be classified based on their life cycle or lifespan: Thus crops are classified into Annual, Biennial and Perennial Crops.

ANNUAL CROPS: These are crops, which complete their life cycle (length of life) within one year or in one growing season. These crops grow into maturity, flower, produce seeds and eventually die within one year. Examples are maize, rice, sorghum, okra, tomato, yam, etc.

EVALUATION: Give 3 examples of annual crops

BIENNIAL CROPS: These are crops, which take two years or two seasons to complete their life cycle. The vegetative parts grow into maturity in the first year or season, while the fruits or tubers are produced in the second year or season. Examples are cassava, cocoyam, onion bulbs, carrots, cabbage, etc.

EVALUATION: Name five crops that are Biennial

PERENNIAL CROPS: These are crops, which take more than two years to complete their life cycle. Their lives cover several growing seasons. Perennial crops are also called permanent crops. As you keep on maintaining them, they keep on producing from year to year. Examples are Rubber, Cocoa, Oil Palm, Orange, Mango, Pawpaw, Cashew, Guava, Tea, etc.

EVALUATION: What is the other name of Perennial Crops? Give 6 examples.


Identify 10 different crops grown in your school farm and write the class they belong.

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