Computer Studies Notes

Classification Of Means Of Transmitting Information

Information can be transmitted from one place to another through two major means; they are:

  1. Electronic e.g telephone system, fax, broadcast radio, television and satellite.
  2. Non-electronic: file cabining, typewriter.


  1. What is information transmission?
  2. State two methods of transmitting information.
  3. List the two classes of the means of transmitting information

 Modes of receiving information:

  1. Audio:information can be received by hearing
  2. Visual;information  received by picture,diagram etc
  3. Audio-visual :information received by hearing and seeing


1. What are means of transmitting information?

2.  State three modes of receiving information?

3.  What is information transmission?

4.  List five modern methods of  information transfer.


Computer Studies for junior secondary education JS1 by HiiT Plc: page 17 – 18, Chapter 3


  1. ____ is the exchange of information in any form (a) Information input (b) Information media (c) Information output (d) information transmission
    1. Information can be received in the following ways except (a) audio (b) visual (c) audio-visual (d) all of the above
    1. ____ is a means of broadcasting information like radio with accompanying pictures

(a) fax (b) (c) file cabinet  (d) television

  • ____ is a means of scanning document through a machine from one place to another

(a) radio (b) telephone (c) internet (d) fax

5.         ____ is an electronic media located above the earth in an orbit with capability to receive and transmit information from   and to an earth station (a) television (b) internet (c) fax (d) satellite


1. Explain the two  methods of transmitting information.

2. State the three modes of receiving information.

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