Cultural and Creative Arts

Collage Production

Collage is a work of art in which pictures are built up using bits and pieces of different types of materials.

It is a two dimensional art.

Collage as work of art was developed by French painter George Braque and the Spanish artist Pablo Picasso.

Materials Needed for Collage Production

The following materials are needed for collage production:

  1. Cardboards
  2. Pieces of coloured paper
  3. Scissors
  4. Blade
  5. Adhesive (evostic, glue, or any other form of gum)
  6. Sand
  7. Wood
  8. Egg shell
  9. Cowries etc.

Steps in Collage Production

The following are the steps in collage production:

  1. Decide on which design or picture to be used.
  2. Make sketches of designs or pictures you intend to use
  3. Pick one out of the designs or picture sketch and improve on it.
  4. Present or show the chosen design or picture to your teacher for correction and approval.
  5. Transfer with pencil, your design or picture onto the background support
  6. Cut or trim the pieces of coloured paper you intend to use to sizes
  7. Start applying adhesive onto the reverse side of each of the coloured paper and paste to bring out the form of design or picture you have drawn on the background support.
  8. Continue until the design or picture is properly formed.

Uses of Collage

  1. Paper collage is use for decoration
  2. It is used for child art
  3. Paper collage is used as instructional material
  4. Paper collage making can be used to display the general knowledge of collage making.


  1. What is collage?
  2. What are the steps in collage production?

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