Computer Studies

Computer ethics


Computer ethics are rules that govern the use of a computer system. Ethics deals with placing a “value” on acts according to whether they are “good” or “bad”. Every society has its rules about whether certain acts are ethical or not. These rules have been established as a result of consensus in society and are often written into laws. Computer ethics are increasingly becoming important because of the rising number of cyber crime issues, including software piracy, unauthorized access, pornography, spamming, target marketing, and hacking. The widespread popularity and use of the Internet has given rise to a number of cybercrime issues and concerns about user privacy. Various computing applications are tampered with to invade into other’s privacy. Malware, spyware, freeware, and browser cookie exploits are some of the notorious computing applications that have spurred the debate of importance of ethical behavior in technology.Some of the rules you should follow while using computer are:


  • Check your email regularly
  • Avoid liquid and moist from dropping into the computer system
  • Protect the system from power fluctuation
  • Unplug the system when not in use
  • Respond to email promptly and politely
  • Use dust cover or proof to cover the system after use


  • Any restricted files stardom the computer should not be accessed
  • You should not give your user name and password to any one
  • You should not alter any information on the system except your own
  • Be polite to others on the net
  • Be careful not to use rude or bad language online
  • Do not break any laws
  • Be patients with new comers
  • Your message should be simple on the point.

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