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File sharing

File sharing is the practice of sharing or offering access to digital information or resources, including documents, multimedia (audio/video), graphics, computer programs, images and e-books. It is the private or public distribution of data or resources in a network with different levels of sharing privileges.

File sharing can be done using several methods. The most common techniques for file storage, distribution and transmission include the following:

  • Removable storage devices
  • Centralized file hosting server installations on networks
  • World Wide Web-oriented hyperlinked documents
  • Distributed peer-to-peer networks

Computer Network

A network consists of two or more computers that are linked in order to share resources (such as printers and CDs), exchange files, or allow electronic communications. The computers on a network may be linked through cables, telephone lines, radio waves, satellites, or infrared light beams. A network is defined as a group of two or more computer systems linked together.

Computer networks allow you to share information with friends, family, coworkers and customers. Network file sharing is the process of copying data files from one computer to another using a live network connection.

Before the Internet and home networks became popular, data files were often shared using floppy disks. Nowadays, some people still use CD-ROM / DVD-ROM disks and USB sticks for transferring their photos and videos, but networks give you more flexible options.

Types of Network

  • Personal Area Network – The smallest and most basic type of network, a PAN is made up of a wireless modem, a computer or two, phones, printers, tablets, etc., and revolves around one person in one building. These types of networks are typically found in small offices or residences, and are managed by one person or organization from a single device. Often used at home, this network is more on connections between a computer and another gadget such as a telephone or a modem.
  • Local Area Network – A connection that’s used for groups of computers. This is common in small offices and internet cafes. This is where everyone can share files basically, and is also known to be a good way to connect between computers whenever they want to share an internet connection, or whenever they want to play games with each other.
  • Metropolitan Area Network – A more powerful version of the local area network where it can cover up the whole city in terms of connection. A huge server is usually used for this type of connection.
  • Wide Area Network – This is a common type of network nowadays that’s made possible by wireless technology.  As the term implies, a WAN spans a large physical distance. The Internet is the largest WAN, spanning the Earth. Usually, a credential or service from a certain company is needed to enter a connection in this type of network, but there are others that can be used for free. This is good for internet connection. The internet is a well-known version of this one.  A WAN is a geographically-dispersed collection of LANs. A network device called a router connects LANs to a WAN. In IP networking, the router maintains both a LAN address and a WAN address.
  • Storage Area Network – A type of network that specializes in file sharing and other matters in storing various software within a group of computers.
  • Enterprise Private Network – This is a software network that’s often used in businesses so that they can have privacy over files and interactions between computers.
  • Virtual Private Network – This is a software that’s capable of setting up a network where everyone registered in the network using a credential will be able to access each other through other registered computers.
  • Wireless Personal Area Network (WPAN) which is virtually a synonym since almost any personal area network would need to function wirelessly. Conceptually, the difference between a PAN ( personal area network) and a wireless LAN ( Local Area Network) is that the former tends to be centered around one person Network while the latter is a local area network (LAN) that is connected without wires Network and serving multiple users.Wireless Networks • The fastest growing segment of the computer industry is the mobile computers such as notebook computers and personal digital assistant (PDAs).
  • The wireless networks are becoming increasingly important because the wired connection is not possible in cars or airplanes.
  • Wireless networks can have many applications. A very common example is the portable office
  • People traveling on road often want to make use of their portable electronic equipment for telephone calls, e-mails, faxes, read remote files etc.
  • Wireless networks can exist on trucks, buses, taxies, aero planes etc. They are used where the telephone systems are destroyed in the event of disasters such as. fires, floods and earthquakes etc.
  • The wireless networks are important for military.
  • Wireless networks and mobile computing are related but they are not identical because portable computers are sometimes wired and some wireless computers are not portable.

Types of Network Topology

A topology for the network is known to be a layout for the connected devices. This is important because this is used to provide a proper flow of data within the said network. Here are the various topologies:

  • Bus – This is the type of structure that uses a single medium to connect the computer.
  • Ring – Each computer is connected to another neighboring computer for data transfer. One failed network can cause all networks to turn off.
  • Star – This is a structure that’s common in homes. It uses a certain hub or a router to make the network possible.
  • Tree – This is a complicated structure that connects the star into multiple buses. This is common for internet cafes and offices.
  • Mesh – this is a connection that leads to various data transmissions which are perfect for routing huge networks.


  • Mention four types of networks
  • Name three types of Network topology

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