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Consequences of wasted talents and undeveloped skills

Talent means natural endowment or a superior ability possessed by an individual that has to be discovered and developed. The level of development of a nation is closely related to the availability of these talents.

Consequences of Wasted Talents and Undeveloped Skills

If a person does not discover his or her talents or skills the person and the society may be affected in the following ways:

  1. The person may remain undeveloped and unfulfilled.
  2. The society may not make progress, when skills are not developed not much progress will come to such societies.
  3. The skill in the individual may die with the owner of such skills when it is not identified or nurtured.
  4. Some hidden knowledge may not be exposed and therefore people will live in ignorance.
  5. The revenue that could have come to the family of those talented people and the society may be lost.


  1. Highlight six consequences of undiscovered talents.
  2. Describe the consequences of undiscovered talents.

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