Letter writing


A letter is a writing communication sent by post or messenger. These two persons might be living in the same town, city, country or may as well be living in different  countries.

Types of Letter

Letter writing is divided into two major types

  • Formal letter
  • Informal letter


This is an official type of letter. In most cases, the persons, involve in this type of letters are not known to each other. They may not have met in their lifetime. Everything about this leteer is formal / official. The writer has to mind his/her language and tone. This letter could be from one pension to a group of people e.g. letter for employment or (letter from a group of people of an individual) e.g a letter from a community to their local government chairman.

Features of Formal letter

The following has to be put into consideration when writing a formal letter

  1. Two addresses
  2. Title of the letter
  3. The body of the letter
  • The language has to be formal
  • The tone of the letter has to be respectful and polite
  • The need to be straight forward and brief
  • Answers must be given to all question asked.
  1. Subscription
  2. Signature
  3. Name

1.Two Addresses: In a formal letter, two addresses are required from the writer his/her own address and the address of the addressee. (The person he/she is writing the letter to)

                                                                                                                4, Mohammed Way,

                                                                                                                P.O Box, 2641,

                                                                                                                Benin City,

                                                                                                                Edo State.

                                                                                                                14th June, 2014

The Personal Manager,

Sumal, Food Limited,

14, Oluyole Industrial Estate,

Ring Road,


Oyo state.

  1. Salutation: The common salutation used in a formal letter are: Dear Sir or Dear Madam as the case may be.
  2. Tittle of the letter: Every formal letter has a is this that shows or tells from the beginning what the letter is all about.
  3. The body of the letter: Ina formal letter, the language has to be formal. Also, formal letter does not allow the use of slang and sweet mounting. The tone has to be respectful. This is because the writer may not know the age of the addressee, and he/she might not take it kind. If the tone is not courteous. The formal type of letter is known for its straight forwardness, there is no need beating around the bush,. Where questions are asked, you must give details to every question asked.
  4. Subscriptions: The common subscription used in a formal letter is Yours faithfully, you sign your signature before writing your name at the end of the letter.


Phrasal verbs are derived from a combination of a verb and other particules like the adverb and preposition.

Examples of phrasal verbs are:

Phrasal Verbs Meaning

  1. Account for give good reason
  2. Back out withdraw, refuse
  3. Carry out perform, obey, fulfil
  4. Catch up with over take
  5. Clean up mess
  6. Die down become gradually calmer and

finally, disappears (riot, fires)

  1. Deal with tackle a person
  2. Get back recover, reach home
  3. Hand over surrender authority
  4. Give away give something
  5. Hold up stop, delay
  6. Jump up accept
  7. Pull off succeed
  8. Move in move oneself from a flat
  9. Take after resemble

Examples in sentences

  1. You must account for what you spend
  2. He promised to help me but he backed out later.
  3. You must carry out my orders
  4. He carried out the hazardous task and won the appreciation of all
  5. The lorry driver tried to catch up with the car.
  6. Malians must try to catch up with other nations in technology
  7. I asked Tayo to clean up the stains on my shirt.
  8. I tried to get my money back from him.
  9. Please wait here, I will get back soon
  10. She does not known how to deal with her husband
  11. I heard the cries of the patients and they died down soon
  12. He handed over the charge to the newly elected chairman.
  13. The chief guest gave away the prizes to the winners.
  14. I gave away all the money to my friend
  15. We were held up by heavy traffic yesterday.
  16. They dumped at the offer happily and asked the state government to finalise the project
  17. The electronic company pulled off the project and earned huge profits
  18. This flat is very small so let us move into a spacious one
  19. Bukola takes after her mother.

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