Christian Religious Studies Notes

Skill Acquisition And Empowerment

Meaning of school acquisition:  Skill  acquisition can be defined as a way of being skillfully empowered for future purpose. It can also be a conscious and deliberate effort to carry out a task scheduled within a specific time and period with a pre-determined result.

Trades students can acquire: Some of the trade students can acquire include the following:

1.  Catering.

2.  Tailoring.

3.  Hair styling and cosmetology.

4.  Auto-servicing (mechanic)

5.  ICT

6.  Manufacturing.

7.  Marketing.

8.  Carpentry.

9.  Electronic repair.

Students can acquire these skills while still in school, it has no hindrances to academics in any form. It helps the child to acquire skills while he/she is still schooling for future self dependence.

Examples of biblical characters who acquired skills:

1.  Jesus the carpenter’s son:  Jesus acquired the skill of carpentry from his father David which he practiced for thirty years until he was  fully involve in the work of ministry. He even assisted his mother Mary financially with the carpentry work after the demise of his father.

2.  The apostles; Simon Peter, Andrew, James and John as fishermen:  The apostles acquired fishing skills, they were not lazy and their handwork in fishery transcended into fishing for men instead of fish after their individual encounter with Jesus.

3. Dorcas the dress maker (Acts 9:36-43):  Dorcas was skillful in dress making and her good work and diligence spoke for her at her death.

4.  Paul the tent maker (Acts 18;3):  Paul was not a lazy apostle. He was by profession a lawyer and after he dropped his profession for the sake of the gospel, he learnt making tent as an additional skill which helped him gain access to some people that ordinarily he wouldn’t have been able to penetrate.


1.  What is skill acquisition?

2.  Mention about five trades that students can be engaged with while in school.

3.  List  about three biblical characters who acquired skills and the skills they acquired.

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