Civic Education

Factors that guarantee employment


  • Practical oriented education
  • Responsible governors
  • Popular participation
  • Free education
  • Provision of credit facilities for small scale business


The causes of poverty include:

  1. Colonialism
  2. War
  3. Slavery
  4. Conquest (this is when two communities are in quarrel and one conquers the other)
  5. Persistence of national disaster while factors perpetuating poverty include ignorance, disaster, disease, corruption, political apathy and dependency.

Some other causes that have identified includes raising a large family, corrupt leadership, spending habit or reckless spending, restricted education/training, extended family system, laziness/unused talent and so on.


  1. Underdevelopment: it reduces the capacity of individual and society to develop and acquire higher skills. Individuals will not be able to contribute meaningfully to the social economic development.
  2. Low quality of life/prior standard of living: poor people live in slumps, dirty and stinking environment. They depend on a few clothing usually dirty and old. They also lack the basic need of life for, clothing and shelter.

3, Generate social problems: children from poor homes are most prone to commit crimes like stealing, prostitution, drug abuse, cultism, kidnapping, fraudsters, piff-piffs such children also engage in thuggery  and gangsterism.

  1. It may lead to broken home and divorce: the inability of a man to provide the basic needs for the family may lead to divorce.
  2. It leads to teenage pregnancy: girls from poor homes most likely engage in pre-marital sex which often leads to unwanted pregnancy


Explain five ways of reducing poverty in Nigeria

What are the roles of government in Nigeria to reduce poverty?

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