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Political apathy

It is the lack of interest on the part of the citizen in political activities of their is the reverse/opposite of political participation. And a state of passinivity of the citizens of a state to political activities such citizens are said to be a political or apathetic.

Wikipedia puts it as the indifference in the part of the citizen of any country as regards there attitude towards political activities

Political activities include election, public opinion, civic responsibilities etc. for example, INEC records shoes that 35% of 70 million voters voted during the 2011 general election.


  1. Refusal to register for election: some citizens regard registration of voters as a waste of time even if they are qualified to do so.
  2. Refusal to check on their voter register: some actually registered but do not check their names when the opportunities comes as a result that may not be able to check or update their data that has been prevoivsy recorded wrongly in the register.
  3. Refusal to vote during election: In the 2011 general election about 60% VOTERS IN Nigeria did not vote. Some that were denied their right would not even complain or resist.
  4. Unwillingness to fight electoral malpractices: some are indifferent to electoral malpractices like ballot stuffing, snatching, multiple voting etc. as a result in experienced politicians came into power that is unhealthy for the nation.
  5. Lack of trust, confidence and respect for political leaders and public officer: these could be as a result of long, bad governors, misconception of politics like “politics is a dirty game for people”.
  6. Refusal to take up political appointment from the party in power
  7. Lack of interest in the day to day political happenings in the state: some do not know the name of their president let alone the names of ministers and commissioners
  8. Impassive community services: this includes the refusal to take part in community development works like environmental sanitation, not attending community meeting, not contesting for elective post in their community as well as lack of interest in community leaders and the or activities
  9. The non – consciousness of existing political parties, their manifestos and pedigree of the candidates contesting through each party.


How can we reduce political apathy in Nigeria?

What are the consequences of political apathy in Nigeria?

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