Cultural and Creative Arts Exam Lessons

Introduction to Local craft-Basic Concept

Definition of Local Craft:

Crafts are manually produced objects, meant to serve a particular purpose of human needs. They can also be

Called handicraft. It is so because the use of skilled hand is involved. They are produced with local materials. The person who makes craft is called a craftsman.

Types of materials for making craft


In paperwork, papers of different colours are used and folded and cut in different ways.


-Different types of paper, Gum, Cutting knife, scissors, Pencils e t c

(ii)Tie dye:

This is the process by which cloth is tied to prevent dye from penetrating .Another name for cloth is fabric


Fabric, different colours of dyes, chemical (caustic soda, sodium hydrosulphite, bowl, rope, handgloves, Longstick, Iron, starch e t c


Batiks is the process of using candle or bee wax to cover a fabric thereby preventing dye from entering. The wax is melted and applied with a brush on the fabrics. Method of wax application includes stenciling method, free hand and stamping. The tool used is called Tjanting. It is used to apply hot wax on desired areas of fabric. When this tool is not available, the designer improvises using hog brush or ties a small foam to a stick


Bee wax/candle wax, dyes of different colours, coldwater, bowl, flat table


The simplest forms of weaving are baskets of all kinds. Basketry is a craft in which a container is made from interwoven strips of flexible material


-palm fronds, grasses, coconut fibres, jutes, sisal fibres,

1.BlacksmithingAkwa,Lokoja,Anambra,Kano,Umuoparambaise in Imo state,Jos Plateau
2.WeavingKaduna, Abakaliki in Eboyi State,Benin Badagry,oyo,Abeokuta,Akwete,Okene
5.Leather workKano,Sokoto,Maidugiri.
7.Animal hornSokoto,Bauchi,Borno,Kano
9.Calabash carvingOyo,kano


1. Explain the meaning of craft.

2. List five important crafts and their locations in Nigeria.

3. Mention the materials for weaving.

Reading Assignment

Cultural and creative art for junior secondary schools 1 by S.C. Nguma et al,pg 21-32

Weekend Assignment

 1. Which of these set of material is suitable for weaving?

a. Grasses, cane, thread, raffia.

b. Rubber, straw, tissue paper, clay.

c. ruler, tissue, Oil, soap, mallet.

d. wood, gold, bronze, knife, chisel.

2. ——-are manually produced objects meant to serve a particular purpose of human needs

a.craft  b.table  c.soap

3. Pick the odd one out of this group

a.Leather work  b.embroidery  c.poster making  d.calabash decoration

4.In which of this town is calabash carving most popular?

a.Ife b.Oyo c.Benin d.Enugu

5. Which of the following materials can act as a form of resist in tie dye method?

 a.wax or thread b.raffia or twine c.stone or starch d.cotton wool or bandage

6. Another name for cloth in textile design is———-a.Yarn b.Fabric c.Clothe d.Calic

7. The tools used in batick is called

a. felt pen b.tjanting c.brush d.spindle

8. You dye your cloth in———– water(a)cold (b)warm (c)hot(d)lukewarm

9. Method of wax application include—————-(a)stenciling method (b)free hand (c)stamping (d)all of the above.

10. A person who made craft is called————(a)craft man (b)caver (c)apprentice (d)student


1. List five craft that you know

2. What is the location of the following? Tie dye, weaving, blacksmithing and beadwork.