English JSSCE Exam Lessons

JSS1 1st Term English Language scheme of work

English Language


                                                FIRST TERM SCHEME OF WORK

Weeks                                        Topics                  

            1.              Speech work: Introduction to speech (organs of speech)

            Grammar: Parts of speech – Nouns

             * Meaning, Identification of Nouns in Sentence

             * Types of Nouns with Examples

            Comprehension: The Family~ Unit 1

Composition: Meaning, Types of Composition (Narrative, Descriptive, Argumentative, Expository)

Literature: What is Literature? The Features of Literature.

            Types of Literature: Oral, Historical, Dance, Miming, Drama…see related text.

2.         Speech work: Pure Vowel sounds (Monothongs) with examples

           Comprehension: Unit 2, page 31

           Vocabulary development: Your School Subjects

           Grammar/Structure: Pronouns: Meaning, Identification, Types.           

3.         Comprehension: A Conversation, Page 43

            Grammar/Structure: Verbs: Definition, Identification with examples.

Types of verbs: Transitive, Intransitive, Auxiliary and Lexical, Regular and Irregular (should be given as assignment)

Composition: Outlining the difference between descriptive and narrative essays

Literature:  Introduction to prose and its elements, (plot, style, characterization)

Types of Oral Literature

4.         Comprehension: Unit 6, page 79. Two good Friends

            Grammar:  Adjectives: Definition, Identification,

            Types of  Adjectives

            Composition: Narrative Essay– “My First day in Secondary School”

Speech Work: Vowels /I/

     Literature: What is Oral Literature, Features of Oral Literature and Types.

5.       Comprehension : Unit 7(a) page 91 Oduduwa

                      Grammar: Comparision of Adjectives,

                     Absolute Adjectives:  Excellent, Superior, Total

                    Speech work: Vowel  /e /

                            Composition: Paragraph Writing:

                            Arrangement of Ideas in Logical sequence with       Introduction and  Conclusion.

                            Literature: Introduction to Drama, Elements and Types

          6.              Speech work    /ae /

               Grammar: Adverbs : Identification, definition,

                           Types and examples.                                      

                           Composition – Descriptive Essay: A Market Place

                           Comprehension: Unit 7

              Literature – Use Recommended Text. (Prose)

         7.              Speech Work:   / a:/

                          Comprehension: Unit 8, page 103. Every Man and Death

                          Composition: Introduction to Letter Writing and Types

.             Literature – Introduction to for folktale

8.          Comprehension: Unit 9

             Composition: Features of an Informal Letter with sample model

 Literature: Introduction to Figures of  Speech ( Simile, Metaphor,   Personification, Alliteration, Assonance)

9.         Speech Work: /   /

            Grammar: Introduction to Adverbs ( Features and Functions)

            Comprehension: Unit 9b page 117

            Composition: Informal Letter : Letter to your cousin, telling him about your new school

            Literature: Review of recommended text/ Figures of speech

10.       Revision

11.       Test/ Examination

12.       Examination