Notes Physical and Health Education

JSS1 2nd Term Physical and Health Education scheme of work


JS 1 (BASIC 7)



  1. Revision of first term work.
  2. Aquatic sports.; ( a)Meaning and types of aquatic sports e .g. regatta; water polo, canoeing, fishing,(b )Facilities and equipment for aquatic sports( c) safety measures in aquatic  sports(d) skills in aquatic spots (d) skills in aquatic sports.
  3. First aid and safety education,; Meaning of  First  Aid  and safety education ( b) contents of  First Aid Box  (c) of   Qualities of a good first aider.
  4. Personal school and community health. (a) Determinant of health .(1)Hereditary (11)Environment  (111)Life style (b)Characteristics of a healthy person (1)Ability to work without easily fatigued (Ability  to comprehend mental fatigue (III)Resistance to  infection.
  5. Sewage and refuse Disposal. (a) Meaning of sewage and Refuse (b) Methods of  Sewage  disposal—open  dump water system  V IP  latrine others(c) Methods of refuse disposal –Open  dump, incinerator, composting; controlled tipping others.
  6. Water supply .. Sources  of  water supply  rain ,bore hole  , well,  spring ,stream’,  lake ;river,pipe borne water (b)Qualities of good water supply .Odourless., Tasteless  colourless, Free from pathogens and acceptable mineral composition
  7. Meaning and components of physical fitness.(a)Meaning of  physical fitness (b)Components of  physical fitness (c) Characteristics of  physical fit person  (d)Importance of physical fitness; (e)Health related components Performance related components
  8. Fitness exercises (a) Exercises to develop endurance and, flexibility (b) Precautions while performing exercises.
  9. Fundamental human movement.(a) locomotor movements—walking jogging ,running ,jumping skipping,   hopping   (b) Non locomotor movements. ;stretching, bending ,lifting, pushing, twisting,
  10. Meaning and components of Recreation,  (a) definition of recreation ,..leisure and rest (b)Components of recreation___-(a )indoor, recreation(  b) outdoor recreation.(c)Types of activities under the two components of recreation.
  11. Revision
  12. Examination.

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