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The Grand Staff/Great Staff

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The great stave consists of 10 lines and 11 spaces. When the bass and treble clef are combined and connected by a brace (left) and lines, they become the grand staff. This greatly increases the range of pitches that can be noted, and is often used in piano music due to the piano’s wide range.

A brace or bracket is a line connecting two or more staves, found to the left of the staves.

Ledger Lines

Ledger lines are the lines extended below or above the staff, allowing for higher or lower notes to be shown than would otherwise fit on the staff. These lines follow the same musical alphabet pattern as the staff does. They are often refer to as extra lines and spaces on the end of the staff. The stems of notes on ledger lines extend either up or down towards the middle line.

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The piano and the great staff:

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  1. What joined the treble & bass clef together?
  2. Great stave consist of how many lines and spaces?


  1. What is ledger line?
  2. Draw a great staff.
  3. What are the letter names of the great stave?