English JSSCE Notes

JSS1 second term English scheme of work


JS 1 (BASIC 7)




  1. Revision of Last Term’s Examination and Work
  2. Speech Work: Consonant/k/and/g/Structure Adverbs: Features, Position and Functions of Adverbs. Comprehension/ Vocabulary Dvpt.: Reading Skill (Reading for maximum Retention and Recall) Composition: Letter Writing: Formal/ Features of Formal Letters Literature: Review on the Genres of Literature (Prose, Poetry and Drama);           Use  recommended texts)
  3. Speech Work: Consonants/f/and/v/Structure: Conjunctions: Features, Position and Functions of Conjunctions. Comprehension/Vocabulary Dvpv: Writing Skill – answering questions on given passage. Composition: Letter writing Formal letters (Guided writing) Literature: Prose-Literary terms (use recommended text)
  4. Speech Work: Vowels/u/and/u:/: Structure: Prepositions: Features, Position and Functions of Prepositions. Comprehension/Vocabulary Dvpt: Reading and writing Skills (Intensive) Reading/Answering questions on given passage. Composition: Letter Writing – Guided writing (emphasis on Arrangement of ideas in logical sequence) Literature: Myths and Legends (African and Non-African tales comprising Myths and Legends)
  5. Speech Work: Vowel /æ/ and /ℨ:/: Comprehension/Vocabulary Dvpt.: Writing Skill Giving Specific Answers of a Given Passage Structure: Adverbials (making sentences with adverbial) Composition: Argumentative (Introduction)
  6. Speech Work Consonants/s/and/z/: Structure: More on Adverbials Comprehension/Vocabulary Dvpt.: Reading and Writing Skill contd Composition: Argumentative – Elements of composition Literature: Drama – Drama text, theme, Features; related literary terms
  7. Speech Work: Vowels – Introduction to Diphthongs (example) Structure: More on Adverbials and Tenses (using each item in sentences) Comprehension/Vocabulary Dvpt.: Reading Skill-Reading to understand the Author’s mood Composition: Argumentative – Arrangement of ideas in logical sequence
  8. Speech Work: Vowels:/ei/:Structure: Making sentences with adverbs, conjunctions and preposition Comprehension/Vocabulary Dvpt.: Writing Skill Composition: Argumentative (Guided Composition/writing)  Literature: Drama: Types, Literary terms, Written text (Costumes, play Director, etc)
  9. Speech Work: Vowels:/ai/Structure: More on Adverbs, Conjunctions and Prepositions Comprehension/Vocabulary Dvpt.: Reading Skill Composition: Argumentative (Guided writing) Literature: More on Figures of Speech.
  10. Speech Work: Consonant / Ɵ/ and / ð /Structure: Verbs – Poems of Verbs Comprehension/Vocabulary Dvpt.: Reading and Writing Skills Composition: Speech Writing – Introduction Literature: Prose (use recommended Text)
  11. Revision
  12. Tests
  13. Examinations

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