Christian Religious Studies JSSCE Notes

Man’s Power In Creation


God created the first man from the dust and made a helper fit for him. Adam called her woman because she was taken from his ribs. God gave Adam powers over all creatures. He told man to rule over the fish,plants, animals and every other creature. God commanded man to be fruitful and multiply over the world. Man thus shared in the creative power of God through different activities such as procreation(bringing new life into being) and the development of material resources of the earth for the benefit of all people.

The first man and woman (Adam and Eve) gave birth to Cain and Abel, and since then we have been multiplying on the earth. When man and woman meet, the woman will conceive for a period of nine month. The child will grow up (male or female) and later produce his/her own offspring, so we can see here that man is also helping God in producing new life.

God delegated man to rule the world and this has made man intellectually aware of his environment. Man is also conscious of life with his emotions and desires and because of power and energy, he is motivated to act. Man has been able to cultivate the land to plant his food. After God has driven man away from the Garden of Eden there was no more free food for him to eat.Man had to find a way of feeding himself and his family. The same thing is happening today.

As a result of intellectual development of man, he is able to develop material resources within his reach. Examples are food production, trees used to make fire to cook his food and other things such as chairs, tables, buildings, books, white board marker etc.

Nowadays, there has been increase in technological development and man is now making cars, aero planes, and trains to carry people from one place to another.

Also, through the G.S.M Phones, one can reach people far away even without physically going there, thereby making communication easier and faster.


  1. In what ways does man share in the creative power of God?
  2. How do you know that man is an image of God?


  1. In what ways do man share in the creative power of God?
  2. How do you know that man is an image of God?
  3. Who was the first person God created?
  4. Who is the creator of the whole universe? Explain.


  1. Christian Religious Education for JSS Bk 1 Adeyinka et al.
  2. Modern Biology – Read on Darwin Evolution Theory of Man.


  1. God delegated ____ to rule the world (a) God (b) man (c) sun
  2. The first man is called ____ (a) Adam (b) Eve (C) Cain
  3. The first man was placed in the ___ (A) River (b) Planet (c) Garden of Eden
  4. The word “Procreation” means ____ (a) excretion (b) death (C) reproduction
  5. The first man was made from the ____ (A ) air (b) sea (c) dust


  1. How do you know that man is an image of God?
  2. Explain how human beings can create.

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