Christian Religious Studies JSSCE Notes

Marriage: Christian Marriage


  • Definition of Marriage
  • Types of Marriage
  • Functions of Marriage
  • Significance of marriage


Marriage is a union between a mature man and woman as husband and wife to raise a family. Such union makes them a couple. The Christians understand marriage as oneness of the man and woman that is why they say two persons join together to become one flesh. The Holy Bible makes us to see that they are no more two but one flesh. Marriage also involves a legal relationship between a man and woman as stipulated in the constitution of the country. Marriage was instituted and ordained by God for procreation and fulfillment.

The Christian marriage is the voluntary union of a man and woman according to the Scripture. It was ordained by God. The couple are said to have become one flesh after marriage.


  1. Common Law Marriage: This is the type of which has a legal document to back it up. The couple will have to sign the document in a registry in their local environment in the presence of at least two witnesses.
  2. Monogamy or Monogamous Marriage: This is the marriage between a man and a woman. Usually, a Christian marriage is expected to be monogamous.
  3. Polygamy or Polygamous Marriage: This is the marriage between a man and more than one wife. This means that the man can marry two or more wives.
  4. Polyandry: This is kind of marriage which allows a woman to marry more than one husband. This type of marriage is not common, it is only practiced in some parts of the world
  5. Homosexual: This type of marriage is arbitrary because it is absurd to common sense. It is the marriage between a man and a man. This marriage does not produce children.
  6. Gay Marriage: This type of marriage is also absurd to common sense. It is the marriage between a woman and woman and they cannot bear children.
  7. Levirate Marriage: This type of marriage occurs when a man marries the wife of his dead brother. This is a tradition in some part or the world especially in African but the tradition is dying down.
  8. Sororate Marriage: This is the type of marriage whereby a man marries the sister of his dead wife.


  1. Explain five types of marriage.
  2. Discuss the meaning of marriage.


  1. Marriage gives man procreation.
  2. It gives continuation in the family name and tradition.
  3. Marriage provides companionship.
  4. Marriage brings unity among families and different ethnic group.
  5. Marriage helps to curb promiscuity and transmission of sexual diseases.
  6. Marriage helps the couple to have fulfillment.
  7. Marriage helps to propagate and strengthen people’s religion.
  8. Marriage brings about cultural development.


  1. Marriage turns people to parents.
  2. Marriage engenders training of children.
  3. Marriages strengthen the couple’s relationship.
  4. Marriage makes people decent and mature.
  5. Marriage makes the couple to combine their efforts for greater results.


  1. Mention five significance of marriage.
  2. Mention five functions of marriage.


  1. Discuss any three types of marriage you have seen in your community.
  2. Mention five advantages of monogamy over polygamy.
  3. Discuss four functions of man in the creation.
  4. Mention five wrong habits of man against creation.


Christian Religious Education for JSS Bk 1 Adeyinka et al Chapter 3, pages 11-12.


  1. …………… is the kind of marriage between a woman and more than one husband  (a)  polygamy  (b) polyandry  (c) Sororate  (d)  levirate
  2. How many wife can a man has in monogamous marriage.  (a) one (b) two  (c) three  (d) many
  3. Common law marriage usually takes place in  (a) church  (b) mosque  (c) registry  (d)  home
  4. Christian marriage is only meant for (a) boys and girls  (b) mature man and woman  (a) mature man and man  (d) mature woman and woman
  5. Christian marriage is according to  (a) The Holy Bible  (b) The Kadis  (c) The books of law  (d) The laws of Moses


  1. Write short notes on the following:
  2. Sororate marriage 
  3. Polyandry
  4. Polygamy
  5. Levirate
  6. Explain the Christian marriage.

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