These verbs cannot be used as lexical (or principal) verbs. Modal Auxiliary verbs are as follows: Ought to, might, need, used to, shall, should, world, may, can, could, will, must.

(a)        OUGHT TO: We can use it to denote logical necessity. E.g. you ought to   respect your Parent

(b)        MAY: It is used to demonstrate or express possibility. Example: I may go to           Jos after the conference,

You can use ‘May’ when asking for permission to do something.

E.g.      May I meet you today?

May I take your ruler?

May I eat the fruit?

(c)        USED TO- It tells about the existence of something in the past. E.g.

*           There also used to be some flowers in the school.

– It also shows past habit. E.g.

* She used to smoke

* He use to steal his father’s money.

– It means ‘accustomed to’. Eg. Mr Okoro is used to hard work

(d)        SHALL: This is used as part of the future tense (in other words shall is used to      express the future) An Example:

I shall attend the meeting

(e)        WOULD: This is the past tense of ‘will’

Mr. Adeoye told me he would visit me the next day.

(f)        NEED: It is used to show the absence of obligation. An example

* She needs to go away at this material time.



A report is a farm of writing that tells or narrate story. There are two basic types or reports. These are: Official Report and Private Report.

An example of official report

An accident which happened near you, which  you watched very closely

The report of preceding of a meeting in which some formal resolution were made and which will be presented to higher officer for serious consideration.


(i)         Pay attention to details and be accurate

(ii)        Report precisely which event led to another and the result.

(iii)       Consider the purpose for which you are writing the report. E.g. A report for            Police investigation have a different one from another.

(iv)       If your report is direct, make sure you use the quotation mark correctly.

A private report is an imaginary story. Sometimes it is a direct personal experience of the reporter as given to a friend, a group of classmate, one’s parent etc.

Example: write an account of your experience in of your experience in your school, magazine, during your last excursion to “ondo”. Also, write a vivid account of an accident in which your vehicle was involved. Write your report as you would tell it to your friend who had come to congratulate you on your narrow escape.

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