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Topic: Stress in Word of seven syllable and in compound words.

Stress in an important feature of speech which create special problem to many Nigerian speak of English. As the air stream flow during speech, we exert some effort for the production of the sounds. Some syllable are uttered with greater breath effort and muscular energy than the others. Such syllable which are uttered with greater muscular energy are louder and longer and are therefore, said to be stressed. A stress syllable in the increase in pitch of the voice.

The following are seven syllable word

*           Conceptualization

*           Decriminalization

*           Dispropertionality

*           Editorializing

*           Infinitesimally

*           Intercolonizing

*           Irrefutability

*           Manoeuvrability

*           Oversimplification

*           Proletarianism

*           Sentimentalization

*           Superficiality

More Example on Compound Words

–           I left the book ON the table (not under the table)

–           Peter AND Paul worked (insisting that both worked)

–           We MUST honour the invitation (whether we like it or not)

–           I BOUGHT the book (I didn’t steal it).

–           Okay brought a NEW car (not an old one)

So stress can changed from one syllable to another to achieve a desire intention.

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