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National drug law enforcement agency

NATIONAL DRUG LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES (NDLEA): was established by decree 48 under General Ibrahim Babanginda (IBB) of January 1990 to enforce drug laws.


  1. It coordinates all drug laws and enforcement
  2. It eradicate the demands for and cultivation of narcotic drugs through different measures
  3. It supress all illegal traffic of narcotics
  4. NATIONAL AGENCY FOR FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION AND CONTROL (NAFDAC): This was established by decree 15 of 1993 and started as parastatals of federal ministry of health to regulate and control the standard of foods, drugs, soaps, packaged water, and medical services distributed within Nigeria.


  1. It regulates and control the advertisement, manufacturing, importation, sales and distribution of drugs and cosmetics
  2. It registers all drugs, packaged foods and water distributed within Nigeria
  3. It satisfy factories for production and conduct the inspection of drugs and food that are distributed
  4. It comply standards, guidelines and specification for production and importation
  5. It established laboratories, irrelevant and strategic places.

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