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National Values and Types of National values


The word, values, has so many meanings depending on the context it is used. When used in relation to Civic Education, it is defined as the moral principles and standards which guide human actions.  Such principles are highly appreciated by people in the society.  This is so because they make society what it should be: peaceful and progressive.  The acceptable societal values include honesty integrity, courage, loyalty etc.   


There are different types of values.  The basic human values are as follows:

  1. Honesty – This is the ability to tell the truth.
  2. Respect – This is treating everyone including you with dignity.
  3. Self-control – This is being able to control your own action.
  4. Equality– Thisis understanding that all people have equal rights.


1.What is a value?

2. Mention three types of values.


Values are often manifested in various ways for individual and societal growth and development.  There must be value manifestation and clarification.  It helps individuals to recognize their values and affirm them publicly.

1.         Individual Level– An individual manifests values by being different no matter what others may do.  For instance, a student who believes in honesty will vehemently refuse to cheat in an examination hall.

2.         Societal Level: This means principles and standard which dictate and influence human behaviors and interactions in the society. They are principles like time consciousness, honesty, discipline etc. 


Value system helps an individual in goal selection.  Value systems are normally promoted by the following:

  1. Consistency– This is an act of doing the same thing regularly without changing it.  It makes an individual to stay focused on what he is doing.
  2. Integrity – This is an act of being honest and possessing strong moral principles.  Integrity as a value makes a man reject bribes and disdain every act of corruption.
  3. Trust – This is the belief that somebody or something is good, sincere, honest etc. It promotes values by removing suspicion from people in the society.
  4. Tolerance – This refers to the willingness to accept opinions or behaviours of other people who may not like you. It makes one to respect other peoples views, culture and religion


  1. Values promote good relationship in the society.
  2. They control our behavior in the society.
  3. They help in goal setting.
  4. They determine how set-goals are achieved.



Honesty is the human quality of communicating and acting truthfully and being straight forward in words and actions.


  1. Loyalty – A honest person is always loyal to his beliefs.
    1. Courage – It helps an individual to reveal the truth when nobody is willing to do so because of fear of punishment.
    1. Reliability – An honest person is reliable.  He can be depended upon at all times and people can firmly rely on his words as a witness in court of law.
    1. Respect – Honest people always respect others because they want to be equally respected.
    1. Godliness– Honesty goes with godliness. Honest people fear nobody but God.  It makes people to report themselves to higher authority when they have done wrong.


1.What is honesty?             

2. Mention three attributes of honesty.


An honest person stands to have the following benefits:

1.  Honour – Honest people tend to be honoured by leaders that value honesty.  They could begiven national honours or financial rewards.

2.   Favour – Honest people can easily receive people’s favour.  Whenever they are in need, they can be helped by people around them.

3.   Promotion–  Acts of honesty can raise a man from grass to grace.  Many have been promotedin our society because of their honest acts at one time or the other. For example, Late Dora Akunyili.

4.   Leadership position – Whenever there is need to appoint people of integrity in certain position,


1.         What is honesty?

2.         List three benefits of honesty.

3.         Explain the word “attribute”

4.         Briefly explain “respect” as an attribute of honesty.


Fundamentals of Civic Education for Basic 7 (JSS 1) Sola Akinyemipgs 19-22


1.         A benefit of honesty that makes a man to rise from grass to grace is ______

            A. honour                    B. promotion                           C. hard work   D. favour

2.         The act of communicating and acting truthfully is _______.

A. diligence                 B. peace                                  C. honesty       D. honour

3.         ______ is a lifestyle that makes people to be relied upon at all times . A. Godliness               B.  Reliability                          C. Promptness  D. Diligence

4.         ___is an attribute of honesty that enables individual to reveal the truth without fear or favour.A. Honesty                  B.  Self-control           C.  Courage     D. Respect

5.         ___ makes people to report themselves to higher authority when they have done wrong.

            A. Trust                       B.  Watchdog            C. Godliness    D. Loyalty


1.         Mention the benefits of honesty.

2.         Write short notes on the following:

            a. Favour

            b. Honour


  1. Discuss how values could help in goal-setting.
    1. State the difference between the two levels of values.


i. What are values?

ii. Mention three factors that promote the value system.

iii. Mention two importance of values.


Fundamentals of Civic Education for Basic 7 (JSS 1) Sola Akinyemi pgs 8-18


1.         _______ is defined as the moral principles and standards which guide human actions.

            A. Watchdog                          B. Values                    C.  Family      D. Culture

2.         There are ____ levels of the manifestation of values

            A. 2                                         B. 3                             C. 4                 D. 5

3.         There are factors that promote value system except______

            A. integrity                              B. tolerance                 C. chaos          D. consistency

4.         The following are types of values except _____.

            A. Self control                         B. arson                       C. honesty       D. loyalty

5.         _______ is the belief that somebody or something is good or sincere.

            A.  Consistency                       B. Trust                       C. Honesty      D. Courage


1. Mention three importance of values in the society                                                                                                                                                                                   

2. Mention two factors that promote the value system.

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