Reproduction in Amoeba by Asexual Reproduction

Amoeba is a unicellular protozoa. Its mode of reproduction is asexual by fission and multiple fission.

Binary Fission

It occurs under normal condition in water when the organism grows to a particular size, the nucleus divides into two equal daughter nuclei and each of the daughter nuclei become enclosed by half of the protoplast leading to the production of two daughter cells. The cell division is simply mitotic.


Multiple Fission

In some unicellular organisms such as amoeba, the cells rounds up to a cyst-like structure. The protoplasm undergo fission as the nucleus of the parent divides into several daughter nuclei by amitosis (repeated divisions). This is followed by the enclosing one nucleus. Several cells are released from the cyst. The type of asexual reproduction occurs under adverse condition.

multiple fission

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