Reproduction in Housefly

Housefly reproduces sexually, fertilisation is internal and it undergoes Complete Metamorphosis. Mating occurs between adult male and female houseflies. Sperms mature before the eggs thus sperms are stored in sperm sacs until eggs are matured for fertilisation.

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House fly mating

housefly life cycle

Life Cycle of a Housefly

Stages of Development in Housefly

  1. Egg stage: After mating and fertilization, eggs are laid in batches of about 100 – 150 eggs.
  2. Larva stage: Under favourable conditions, eggs hatch after about 24 hours into larva. Another name for larva is maggot. Maggots are cylindrical in shape; they are layer towards the anterior region and have 12 segments. At this stage, the maggot (Larva) has two spiracles, one on the 2ndsegment and the other on the 12th segment for respiring. It has a mouth on the first segment which has a hook. Larvae grow very fast and start moulting two days after hatching from the egg. Ventral pads for movement are located on the 8th, 9th, 10th segments of the larva. The larva moults twice before metamorphosing into a pupa.
  3. Pupa: By covering itself with a case known as pupa case after 3 moulting the larva changes into a Pupa. Pupa is barrel-shaped and inactive. The cylindrical shape of the larva shortens and burrows into the soil. The skin hardens up and twin dark brown. Within 3-5 days under favourable conditions, the pupa hatches to give a young housefly. Cold weather however could delay hatching.
  4. Imago or young adult:Fully formed adult emerges from the pupa is the pupa case breaks open out of decaying matter. The imago step for a few houses on a spot for its wings to dry up, harden and expand and flies off in search of food.

house fly-eggs House fly laying eggs

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