Christian Religious Studies Notes

Social Vices And Witnessing To Christ (I Peter 5:7-11)

Meaning of social vices:  Social vices are behaviours and practices that are not acceptable in the society or that the society frowns at. It is also bad habits or immoral activities.

          If we must be true witnesses to Christ, social vices should not be part of us rather we should live the life of Christ.

Categories of social vices include;

1.  Social vices in the church.

2.  Social vices in the school.

3.  Social vices in the society.

Examples of social vices in the church includes;

1.  Indecent dressing.

2.  Phone conversation while service is on.

3.  Stealing.

4.  Pre-marital sexual activity.

5.  Fighting.

Examples of social vices in the school:

1.  Examination malpractice.

2.  Cultism.

3.  Truancy

4.  Homosexualism.

5.  Leizbianism.

6.  Drug addiction.

Examples of social vices in the society;

1.  Hooliganism.

2.  Thurgery.

3.  Gambling.

4.  Smoking.

5.  Prostitution.

6.  Robbery.

7.  Pocket picking.

8.  Internet fraud.

Effects of peer social vices

1.  Peer pressure:  This is the main cause of youth involvement in social vices because students spend more time with their friends in school or at home, due to their  weak nature and tender age they can be easily influenced.

2.  Negligence by parents or broken homes:   Lack of parental care, supervision and attention can make a child engage in social vices.

3.  Less or no monitoring of  individual’s activities in church;   When members are allowed undue freedom in the church, social vices are bound to creep in

Solutions to social vices

1.  Parental concern and care.

2.  Children should be taught moral values and the word of God.

3.  Schools should have a high level of discipline.


1.       What are social vices?

2.       Mention three categories of social vices we have.

3.       Mention  three solutions to social vices.

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