Water cycle


The water cycle is defined as the way water is being used and being returned to the atmosphere in form of water vapour to fall back as rain. The water cycle involves two processes namely condensation and evaporation. When rain falls, some of it is absorbed by plants through their root hairs. After spending sometime in plants, water evaporates from them in the process of transportation. A lot of the water is drunk by animals which they use to release water vapour to the environs during respiration and excretion. Some of the rain falls directly into pond, stream and rivers. Some of the water filters down through the soil and form underground water empties into the oceans. Water returns to the atmosphere by evaporation. When water vapour accumulates into the atmosphere as cloud when it has reached condensation level which may fall once again as rain.

         Importance of water to plant

  1. it cools the plant during the process of transportation
  2. It serves as an agent of weathering for soil formation

iii.       It aids germination of seeds

  1. It helps to dissolve plant nutrient for easy absorption by plant
  2. Water is required for photosynthesis to commence
  3. It gives plant support through rigidity

           Importance of water to animal

  1. It is the main component of animal
  2. It is the solvent for soluble food substance to dissolve during digestion

iii.       It is a medium of transportation for nutrient

  1. It constitutes a large part of the blood
  2. it aids excretion and regulate body temperature
  3. It is the basis for the body secretions such as hormones and enzymes

vii.      It is the medium in which biochemical reactions can take place in living organism.

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