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Water Supply


Water supply-: water supply is the process by which water is provided for some use, e.g. to a home, commercial organization, community endeavors or individuals usually through a system of pumps and pipes  

Meaning of water

Water is a universal solvent.

It is composed of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atoms held together by covalent bonds. Water is precious to man’s existence as it is needed in every aspects of life. The chemical formula of water is H20. Water is needed by every creature such as human beings, animals and plants. In Nigeria, the ministry of water resources is in-charge of water supply through-out country. The state supply water through water boards or states water corporations

Sources of water

The two major sources of water are:

  • Natural source of water
  • Artificial source of water example of these include:
Natural source of waterArtificial sources of water
Rain waterPipe-borne water
River waterDams
Stream waterWells
Spring water 
  • Rain water: Rain water comes from rainfall which is usually collected from the roof of houses to collection point the collection points could be tanks, pots and pail or buckets
  • River water: Water that flows across the ground is called runoff. The run-off water flows into small streams or ponds. The stream flows into rivers. The rivers flow into oceans and seas.
  • Lake, pond and stream: The qualities of these sources of water are very low and their consumption can cause water borne-diseases like cholera, dysentery, typhoid fever as hell as guinea worms

Qualities of good water supply

Water that is safe for drinking or health purposes is called potable or pure water.

The basic qualities of water are:

  • It is odour less and transparent
  • It is taste less
  • It must be colorless


  1. Enumerate the two major sources of water supply

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