Active and Passive Voice


Voice is the form of the verb which indicates whether a person or thing does something or something has done to a person or thing.


There are two kinds of voice, namely:

  3. ACTICE VOICE: When a verb form shows that the subject has done something, it is known as Active voice.

Example :

  1. Lola wrote a letter
  2. She danced to the music
  • Olu killed the goat
  1. PASSIVE VOICE: When a verb form shows that something has been done to the subject it is known as passive voice.


A letter was written by lola

The goat was killed by olu

Note: We can turn active voice into passive voice by using some guidelines.


  1. A sentence can be separated into subject, verb and object.

Example :             Lola Wrote a Letter

S        V             O

  1. The object of the sentence must be turned into subject

Example :             Lola Wrote a Letter

S        V             O

A letter was written by Lola

S               V                 O

  1. The ‘be’ form must be used according to the tense of the verb

Example: A letter ‘was’

  1. Past participle of the verb must be used

Example : A letter was written

  1. Preposition ‘by’ must be added

Example: A letter was written by

  1. The subject must be made the object

Example : A letter was written by Lola

More Examples

  1. Amaka sings a song (active voice).

A song is sung by Amaka (passive)

  1. My sister is painting a sicture

A picture is being painted by my sister

  1. Emeka posted the letter

The letter has been posted by Emaka

  1. Tolu was cooking a nice meal

A nice meal was being cooked by Tolu

EVALUATION: change the following from active voice to passive voice.

  1. Dele took the book
  2. I threw a stone
  3. She broke the window
  4. The man stole a box
  5. The postman delivered the letters

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